So, yeah... that new music...

Life gets in the way. 

One of us has been furiously getting a secondary education.

One of us took a nasty spill and ended up out of commission for almost two months.

One of us has been exploring open jam nights and cover bands to fill the time.

It's been like that.

The Christmas Post

The holidays are upon us and we wanna take a moment to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2018!

We're still on track for a new album around May of 2018 PLUS... a special BB project that we've been working on. It's a pure vanity project and you'll hear all about it when the time comes in the next few months.

The Latest, Pre-Halloween Edition...

The new album that Erik and Ty have been involved with is now available at NEH Records and Digital avenues though iTunes and are forthcoming. 

New Bombay Black music is coming along and we're aiming for a May/June release. As it gets colder, the writing process kicks into overdrive. We don't know why but one does not question what's worked in the past.  :)

More as details are available.

The Latest, Summer Edition...
We know it's been quiet lately and felt it was time to update y'all on what's been happening in the BB camp.

Due to necessary life changes, we'd taken a hiatus since November 1st of 2016. It's given us a chance to rest and assess the future. This meant a lot of screwing off and drinking margaritas in Texas.
Justin's been pluggin' along with his band, Orange Star High, and getting some seriously good reviews. Check out their debut EP on iTunes!

And, in case you thought we were being completely unproductive as Bombay Black, we're currently in the studio writing/recording the next entry in the Bombay Black discography. This ALSO means a lot of screwing off and drinking margaritas in Texas. Lots of 'em.

More later... - BB
2017 begins... NAMM!

That's right, kids! Headed back to Los Angeles for some R&R (and for Erik, a return to his home turf). We'll be attending/wandering around NAMM on Saturday, January 21st, in Anaheim so if you're there, come say hi! We'll also most likely be spending one evening at the World Famous Rainbow Bar and Grill to see if we can't break our record on whisky consumption. Love to meet ya, hope to see ya there!

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